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     conductive hollow O profiles ,which is made of conductive metal particles and non-conductive silicone, have excellent conductive property, 
shielding effectiveness, water/gas sealing property, erosion resistance and wide operating temperature range with lower cost
It can be divided into the silver-plated copper,silver-plated aluminum,silver-plated glass , 
nickel graphite etc according to its conductive filler. continuous extrusion technique is adopted to produce 
such products ,extruded elastomer types has properties, such as continued length ,especially for large 
scale applications ,This type of products can be made with customized cross section, and offers flexibility 
to meet different application requirement . 

Benefit : 
1. Good performance on  electromagnetic shielding , low volume resistivity  
2.  good elastivity and elongation ,excellent compression deformation and water gas sealing property.
3.  Wide temperature range,high tolerance.  long service life . corrosion resistance 

Continuous extrusion profiles is widely used in communication and military equipment which normally required 
high water proof  , such as case , military wireless communication,  RF module, rail facility , medical and electronic equipment . 

especally on the military and aerospace application for conductivity and EMI shielding . 

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